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Owners can pay their maintenance fees with various options:
  • "E" Checks - An owner can log onto their community website and pay their maintenance fees electronically through their own checking account. The owner may pay up to the balance owed, assuming the account is not presently in collection.
  • Credit Cards - As with the "E" check option, the owner would sign onto their community website and remit payment with Master Card, Visa or Discover cards.
  • ACH Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments - your checking or savings account can be debited the same day each month as an efficient and electronic payment alternative to paper check. There is no charge for this service.
  • Drop your check off to the on-site management office.
  • On-Line Banking Service through your personal banking facility.
Assist the Board of Directors and provide administrative support services to the Association to include notifying the Directors and members of Board Meetings, set up the Annual Meeting, assist in resolving individual owners' problems as they pertain to the Association, assist in the formulation of any newsletters or special notices, process any requests for architectural changes for review by the Architectural Control Committee, organize and maintain the files for the Association of all legal documents, homeowner and tenant rosters, correspondence, rules and regulations, site plans, blueprints, and specifications, which are received from the Board of Directors.
You can start your online estoppel request by completing the form at https://kwpmc.com/estoppel-request/One estoppel request is needed per account number. In the event of a refund, the estoppel fee will be returned via check.The convenience fee will NOT be refunded.
The Homeowner Account Module uses Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) to protect Internet Communications through server authentication, encryption and data integrity. All information sent over SSL (names, credit card numbers, private user information, account numbers, etc.) is encrypted so that it cannot be read or tampered with during Internet communications.
Our Customer Service team is available after hours by dialing Toll Free: (800) 514-5770. They can provide information in response to every client inquiry. This department is qualified to help resolve issues that may arise day to day. Our team will assist with any question regarding a client account, taking the time to help the client read and understand their account ledger. This service acts as a system of additional support for our clients, as well as providing peace of mind. During normal business hours you can contact your local management office at the numbers listed below on this page.
Our Responsibilities
Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the Homeowner  with the highest level of service utilizing our extensive accounting, management, technology, and customer service experience.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy can be characterized by 5 principles: Honesty, Respect, Customer Service, Attitude, and Teamwork

The Board is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the community association. Although the Board may retain and delegate some of its duties to volunteers, contractors and professionals, the Board is still ultimately responsible for the duties it may have assigned to others.

Homeowners are required to submit plans for any and all exterior improvements for approval to the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. Our goal is to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community.