• Heron Bay Community Association Architectural Application
    Heron Bay Community Association, Inc.
    6100 Heron Bay Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33076
    Office: (954) 575-2200 Ext 2109 Email: HeronBayARCS@gmail.com

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  • Important Information

  • ** No modification alteration or addition may be made, and no governmental permit shall be applied for unless approved by the architectural review committee (the “ARC”) and property management company**

    Approval is hereby requested to make the following modification(s), alteration(s) or addition(s) as described below, or on additional pages as necessary to my home or lot. In making this request, I hereby agree to repair any damages caused to common or limited common area as a result of this work and will restore these areas to their original condition within (2) weeks of completion. I further understand the restrictions concerning the outdoor living area easement as defined and described in the homeowner documents. I also acknowledge that city permits are my responsibility to obtain. I understand that by signing this application I agree no vendor shall advertise their company by way of signage or banners at my home while the work is underway.

    The original application and all required documents must be delivered to the Covenants Department or submitted by mail to 6100 Heron Bay Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33076, in order to be conserved complete and reviewed for consideration.

    All portable restrooms must be shielded from street as well as the view from neighbors. Pod storage or containers must not be kept on site over 30 days.